Welcome to TCF x DVR

TCF x DVR is a record label that initially started as The Caustic Family, a community of music artists using Caustic 3 to make music which featured and promoted the best stuff we could find created using Caustic 3 app and also helped other caustic users by providing project files, tutorials as well as presets. It was founded by two aspiring music artists using caustic 3, AMITY X and Ariix in April 2017.

Our YouTube channel The Caustic Family hit 1000 subscribers on January 2018 and was renamed to TCF. On reaching this milestone we also started featuring music and project files not made using Caustic. Throughout 2018 we featured various artists and performed as a music promotion channel. By the end of 2018, TCF merged with Dreamvision Records, another upcoming Indian Record label to form TCF x DVR. We now distribute our releases on many more platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Playstore, etc.

Send Demos or other stuff!

If you are planning to send your track to get it released under TCF x DVR label, then make sure you have not released the track on any platform such as YouTube or Soundcloud and not shared the audio file of that song with anyone or anywhere else other than with the label.
To get your track signed by TCF x DVR or to get your project files or tutorials featured on TCF, you must send it to our email using the correct submission format. Click the link below...


  1. sup its me Sanixi/Frostman Jonas!

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  3. I've submitted quite a few times n haven't heard anything.. I mean I know I'm garbage but I'm jus checking if I'm even sending them to the right email but I am so i guess idk 🤷‍♂️

  4. Pronto (no estoy del todo seguro) enviaré un track que estoy realizando...

    1. Yo tambien edtoy trabajando en un projecto dubstep


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