Welcome to The Caustic Family

'The Caustic FamilyTCF is a community of music artists that began its journey using the app Caustic 3 to make music. It was founded by two aspiring music artists AMITY X and AriixWe promote a variety of EDM like House, Dubstep, Trap etc. and other genres of music that we like. We also promote remakes of other songs, presets, sample packs and free FL Studio, Ableton & Caustic 3 project files. Any artist is free to participate in the family. To get your stuff featured on TCF, you must send it to our email using the correct submission format given on this blog. Click the link below...

Connect With Us:

TCF has its own Discord Server where you can chat about music production with other artists using Caustic or other DAWs. Join it by the given link.
...link soon...


  1. sup its me Sanixi/Frostman Jonas!

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  3. I've submitted quite a few times n haven't heard anything.. I mean I know I'm garbage but I'm jus checking if I'm even sending them to the right email but I am so i guess idk 🤷‍♂️


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