Submission Details


You can get your own tracks signed or get your project files, sample packs, presets, tutorials etc. promoted on TCF by sending it in an email.

You must decide if you want your track to be distributed on other platforms via Go Records or just promoted by TCF on YouTube.

Tracks that are to be distributed on other platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Playstore, etc. must be signed to our label. Creators of the track will receive 50% of the revenue earned by the label by selling copies of the track as royalties. To get your track signed, you must first ensure that it is not uploaded or shared anywhere else like YouTube. It must be an unreleased track of yours. 

Tracks that are to be promoted only, will be uploaded as a free download on our YouTube channel. Here, you can release your tracks before sending it to us if you want to.

After sending your submission, it might take a few days for us to review it, so please don't spam us about it on YouTube. 

If we select your track, you will receive an email from us within 7 days. If we don't want to sign your track we will try to let you know as soon as possible. However, if you do not receive a response from us, your track would be rejected. You can then release it if you want to.

Don't send new emails for the same track. 

If you want to send newer improved versions of your track, send it as a new message on the same email. 

Send newer tracks in separate emails.

For the submission format, select one of the options below.


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